Where is Sociology Now? Knowledge in 2014

Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke QC, Oct. 3-5, 2014

Gazebo on Bishop's University campus

The Department of Sociology at Bishop’s University proudly hosts a conference on the topic, “Where is Sociology Now? Knowledge in 2014”  How can our discipline move forward yet retain its history and identity in the wake of feminist, postmodern, post-structuralist, and post-colonial critiques?  In other words, now that we have critiqued the very foundations of our discipline, how can we (or can we) draw upon the insights and tools that made Sociology so powerful in the first place?  Alternatively, have such “critiques” themselves run into problems that Sociology can address? 

Presenters from various universities and disciplines will discuss their specific research or address the theme on a broader, more general level. As the topic is equally relevant to established and developing scholars, we encourage people of any degree standing to attend and participate.

For general inquires please contact: sociologynow@ubishops.ca

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About Bishop’s University

Nestled in the rolling mountains of the Eastern Townships, Bishop’s University blends a long history of undergraduate teaching excellence with a progressive and growing research culture.  The conference’s date provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy the township’s spectacular fall colours while debating the direction of the Sociological discipline.